Terms and Conditions


The company hereby rents to the renter who signs this agreement and is subject to all terms and conditions of this agreement,the vehicle mentioned in this agreement which completely satisfies the renter and is proper for the purpose of the present rental.

1. Renters age: Minimum 21 years.The renter must be a credit card holder.

2. Driving licence: Renter must have held a driving licence for at least one year.

3. The person signing this agreement is liable for this rental.

4. The renter is obliged to pay the renting at the location agreed with the extra charges agreed and stated on the reverse side of this page.Failing to return the vehicle to the company and at the location agreed will make the renter liable for any damage that happends to the vehicle.

5. Minimum rate: One (1) day. Every hour in excess is calculated a 1/5 of the daily rate.

6. If the renter wants to prolong the rental period of the vehicle he/she has to contact the company and to pay for the additional rental period within 48 hours before the initial expiration time of the rental, otherwise the renter will be liable to the company for illegal use and possession of the vehicle.

7. The company has the right to remove the vehicle from the renter and anyone else that possesses the vehicle after the expiration time of the rental period notification and without any liability to the renter and anyone else that possesses the vehicle.

8. Third party Insurance (property damage insurance for damages that caused due to driver’s faults towards other properties): covers all drivers towards other drivers or property owners and it is included in the agreed price.

9. Full insurance (property damage insurance for damages that caused due to driver’s faults towards other properties): covers all drivers towards other drivers or property owners, but releases from responsibility over the amount of 450,00 euro. This type of insurance is optional and is charged additionally to the agreed price.

10. None of the above types of insurance covers the following cases: (a) At the lowest part of the vehicle (parts under the vehicle e.g. differential, suspension systems etc. due to driving at non proper roads, stone roads etc) (b) At the wheels and/or rubbers of the wheels (due to driving at non proper roads, stone roads etc) (c) At the interior of the vehicle (driver’s cabin) (d) At any improper use of the vehicle (e) In any case of breaking the law (e.g. illegal parking, driving after having consumed alcohol or other illegal actions)

11. Vehicles cannot be transported by ferry without the advance written authorization of the rental company.

12. It is forbidden for any person to drive this vehicle which has not been approved by the rental company and is not stated on the present rental agreement.

13. In case of an accident or other incident the renter and the driver(s) of the vehicle are obliged to take all safety measures and if they deny any responsibility for the accident, to obtail evidence proving the innocence and to immediately contact the company. Thy are also obliged to give the company within 24 hours after the incident a report describing the incident in detail, as well as any other evidence or document relevant to the incident.

14. The renter is forbidden to repair the vehicle in case of engine damage.

15. Fuell: All vehicles have to be returned with the same amount of fuell as given. Otherwise the difference has to be paid to the rental company. Refunds cannot be given on unused fuell.

16. The vehicle is strictly forbidden to be used: (a) to transfer heavy objects (b) to carry more persons than it is licenced for. (c) to be further rented, to propel or to any vehicle, trailer or other object, to participate in any race, test or contest.

17. The company has no responsibility for any loss of private property of the applicant renter and the persons using the vehicle, either this property was left in the vehicle during the agreement or it was left in the company’s office before the agreement, or it was left in any place owned by company after this agreement.

18. The company has the inalienable right to brake the agreement without any loss in case that the is found to misuse the vehicle and to violate the terms of this agreement.